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Artificial grass

Coloured play sand

Jumbo Tweezers

Helping Hands

Sensory letters

Sensory Numbers


Ladybirds and bees

Set of acrylic mirrors

Mine is a part of this set that I love to use for maths.

Mirror numbers set

This set is also lovely.

Magnifying glass

Wooden logs

Wood slices

I sprayed mine with varnish and they have a nice glow. If you spray them twice you would be able to write on the with a whiteboard pen.

Rainbow stones

I have made mine. Well, we have painted the ones that we have found in our garden during one of the lockdowns. But if you don't have time for that... here is a lovely set.

Rainbow stones set

Varnish spray

This varnish spray you can use on wood and stones. I sprayed with it my painted colourful stones and the wood slices. It gives a nice glow and you can write it.

Mini bricks

Click on the picture to view it on amazon.

Pom poms

Check Poundland first, also Hema had a good selection. This picture will take to Amazon.

Little diggers

In my set ups I used 2 different types.



Wooden scoops

Biogel Balls / Water Beads


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