Why, oh why?

I am an education consultant specialised in hands on learning, making it fun for everyone.

Me in a pill

  • I have a master degree in education with closer studies dedicated to pedagogy and psychology.
  • Experienced in primary school teaching and tutoring with passion for early years, special education needs, teaching English as a second language and maths.
  • I was born in Poland, met my Italian husband (born in USA) in Ireland, gave birth to 2 kids in London, at the minute suspended between England and Italy.
  • In my career I was really lucky to work with a great mix of children from around the world. Some of them were bilingual, trilingual, some had additional education needs, some were super clever but not inspired by the school system, some loved to learn, others prefered to watch tv. One thing they all had in common was they learned faster when actively involved in learning.
  • Currently I'm using my experience and knowledge to support parents and educational providers in delivering engaging and meaningful hands-on activities that result in desire to learn.


We hear so much about kids being depressed, stressed and overloaded with work and extra activities. If you hear: "This is stupid", "I hate learning", "This is boring", "I can't do it" or "I'm rubbish at this" it means that your child doesn't understand something, is scared to try because he/she might fail or tried before and it was too hard. I don't want to put extra pressure on kids. My plan is to play, learn and discover the world.

I like to think about teachers as explorers of knowledge, not walking encyclopedias. That is why I always tell my students that nobody knows everything, we are in this world to explore, discover and figure out. This approach builds self esteem and helps to deal with future failures.

How can I help?

  • This website is FREE and dedicated to hands-on learning to teach fundamentals of maths. Here you will find a great selection of fun and easy activities for every maths goal (British Curriculum) in the first three years of learning.
  • "5-minutes-maths" will (hopefully) inspire you to create hands-on learning station in or out of the classroom and give you many exploring ideas (including reading).

    If you would like hands-on learning advice tailored to your child or educational setting do not hesitate to contact me on anna@parentutor.co.uk

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