18 ways to use Numicon

I absolutely love Numicon. If you are new to Numicon, or bought it ages ago and need more inspiration to use it, you are in the right place. I have gathered a small selection of fantastic ways to use Numicon - accompanied by pictures and some videos.

Based on a concrete manipulatives approach, Numicon encourages children to explore maths in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts. I am sure that it will help your 3 to 9 year olds visualise maths and build mental calculations. You will probably also use it for reasoning and maths solving skills.

Make it

Counting and checking


Number bonds to 10

One more and one less


Number bonds to 20

Sort odd and even numbers


Simple subtraction

Become quicker at adding single number to 10


Discover doubles with a mirror

Learn doubles to 20


Adding 10 to two-digit number

Count in 10s


Practice time 10 Tables

Understanding the place value

Make a 3D respresentation of your number


Ascending and descending order


Make 3 digit numbers


Finding different representations of a number

Make a square or a rectangle using different numicon shapes


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Click on the picture to view it on amazon.

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