10 Best Resources to Boost Your Child's Maths Under 15 Pounds

I have made a list for you of few amazing resources that will help your 3 to 9 year old to have fun while learnig. All the prices are correct on a day of writing this post 04/03/2020

Whenever you want to do home teaching, help with homework, catch up after time off, or simply give your child a boost, you will love what I got for you.

Play and Learn with these amazing resources that will grow with your kids.

This selection can be used by age groups starting from 3 to 9 years old. Look at the particular goals that you would like to practice and ways to use them in Maths Goals section.

1. Relaxing time with Magnetic cube £11.99

My kids are addicted! I had to say that we even pulled it out few times at dinners parties. Everybody loves it! It comes with cards that shows you designs to create, but for the first few weeks we just tried to find different ways to make a cube.

According to the sellers it 'exercises your kids brain, improves spatial thinking ability and develops children's intelligence. Exercise your kid's creativity, imagination, and hands-on skills through magic magnetic cube'.

2. Static notes £2.99

Use them each time you would like to stick something on a wall, window, door but without the messy glue, and you can move them around. I use them to create number lines, pair number bonds, doubles etc. I like to muddle them up with my kids and try to put them in the right order.

3. Plastic clock £6.50

You will find it probably in every school. These clocks are very sturdy and so easy to use for little fingers.

4. Interlocking cubes £9

Great for addition, subtraction, building arrays, number bonds, division and measuring.

5. Great Book How Many Jelly Beans*** £10.65

This giant picture book offers kids a fun and easy way to understand large numbers. How many are too many?

6. Hundred Squares £11.24

Features numbers 1-100 on one side and a blank grid on the reverse. It is wipe-clean for repeated use. This link will take you to a set of 10. They don't sell them separately on amazon, so talk to your friends and get it together.

7. Abacus £12.99

It will not only help your child to count in 1s, 10s and 5s, but also will visualise addition and subtraction. YOu can use it to practice multiplication by repeated addition or practice number bonds to 100. The list can go on, you will see yourself.

8. Whiteboard/Blackboard with Magnetic Numbers £13

This whiteboard will save you so much paper :) But don't forget to take a picture of your child's work before rubbing it out.

9. 3D shapes £14.45

Teach shapes, sizes and relationships. This set includes Triangular Prism, Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Rectangular Prism, Hexagonal Prism, Triangular Pyramid and Square Pyramid, no sphere, but I'm sure that you have quite few balls at home.

10. Balancing Scale £14.99

Encourage measuring, exploring volume and making comparisons of solids and liquids. This resource can be used with both liquids and dry items. Buckets are removable for easy cleaning.

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