8 Board and Card Games to Improve your Child's Mental Calculations 6+

How are you? How is “the homeschooling” going? Are you as exhausted as me? Being a parent, teacher, curriculum planner, partner, cook, cleaner, laundry lady, psychologist, entertainer, music teacher and shopping coordinator is so tiring!!!

My way of surviving these days is playing board and card games with kids. Whenever I think that I can’t do this anymore (and it’s nowhere near night time) I pull out the board games. They are off screen! I am sure that you have quite a lot of those at home, but because I’m a teacher I always try to squeeze some learning soooo we also play maths games! Yes, learning and playing with a lovely cup of tea next to me. Oh, try to switch off the tv, laptop and put away your phone, make this time quality time without any distractions.

Here is my small selection of maths games that will improve your child’s mental calculations.

All the prices are correct on a day of writing this post 30/04/2020.

Four Function Snap £4.00

My favourite game ever! We play making pairs and I have to say that Eric's mental maths is way better! In this pack you will fing multiplication and division by 2, 3, 5, 10, addition and subtraction. It is perfect for Year 2 and 3! P.S. Have your snap cubes in case your child gets stuck with a calculation.

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Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Marvellous Maths Game £5.60

It is a great game and beautifully illustrated.

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Fraction Action Snap £7.79

This set is also containing % so take out the cards that your child is not ready for.

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My First UK Money Snap £13.47

Let’s talk money! Learn valuable money concepts and play two family favourites, Snap and Pairs using images of coins ranging from 1p to 2. For example, playing Snap with this fantastic deck of cards you could snap 20p with a card showing an image of two 10p coins.

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Orchard Toys Magic Maths Game £18.99

Make maths fun with this wizard themed game A unique way to support KS1 maths including addition subtraction and multiplication Features magical rub and reveal technology.

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Sum Fun £16.99

The idea of the game is straightforward – go ahead and have “SUM FUN”! Use the tiles you have picked up to make SUMs INTERACTIVE FOR ALL PLAYERS - Everybody plays the game at the same time, there is no waiting around for another player to take their turn as each person makes their own SUMs independently from one another.

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Mini Tabletop BrainBox Maths £7.80

This is a smaller version, the bigger size with 8 questions is sold out. I wonder why? ;)

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City of Zombies £34.99

Add, subtract or multiply & divided dice together to target and remove Zombies from play. Older players can also Square & Square Root dice, so the game will grow with your child.

This is New Ultimate Edition - 4 levels of play from Beginner to Master, includes negative number Zombies and cubing!

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