Books that help my kids during the Covid-19 pandemic

I still cannot comprehend what is happening outside. I switch on the news and all I see are the new numbers from around the world…

Last evening, when I was sitting on the floor with my kids surrounded by books, I realised that our choice was quite particular. There were stories about resilience, dealing with sickness, death, but also a very silly story, mindfulness cards and the “Never Get Bored Book”.

By looking at them I couldn’t stop thinking that they reflect what is inside my head so well. We all worry, maybe some of you try to deal with loss. We talk about building resilience in our kids and seek ways to nail that homeschooling. It is not an easy world now, but we all know that it will get better.

I decided to share this little thought and show you the books that help me and my kids during the Covid-19 pandemic, have a look, maybe you will like them too. I have also included a link to a book explaining coronavirus for the kids.

Mindful Kids

If you are looking for something that will help your kids to build empathy, manage everyday emotions and have fun you will value these cards. This boxed card deck includes 50 creative mindfulness games, visualizations and exercises divided into 5 categories to help children feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, practice loving-kindness and relax. You can pick a card a day.

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Never Get Bored Book

This book is full of hands on projects like staging a shadow puppet show or making musical instruments. It will also stimulate your kid's brain with riddles, word games and memory puzzles. With specially selected links to websites with even more fun things to do.

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The Hugging Tree

The Hugging Tree tells the story of a little tree growing all alone on a cliff, by a vast and mighty sea. Through thundering storms and the cold of winter, the tree holds fast. Sustained by the natural world and the kindness and compassion of one little boy, eventually the tree grows until it can hold and shelter others.

The resilience of the Hugging Tree calls to mind the potential in all of us: to thrive, despite times of struggle and difficulty. To nurture the little spark of hope and resolve. To dream and to grow, just where we are.

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The World Came to my Place Today

This story helped my son to understand that even though we can't travel anywhere the world still visits us!

In this story the world really does come to visit George when his grandpa arrives, with a globe, to look after him and his sister for the day. Grandpa explains how everything from the cereal they eat for breakfast and the chocolate bars they love, to the rubber in their bicycle tyres and wood in their toys, come from plants all over the world. The lively, simple text follows George's day as he discovers the wonder of plants and how they affect his daily life. With eye-catching, quirky illustrations coupled with photographs of the original grasses, fruits and plants on the right hand side, this highly original and entertaining book follows the ethos of the Eden Project by increasing awareness in children of the natural world around them.

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Harry and the Robots

Harry's robot has to go to the robot hospital to get fixed. So Nan and Harry decide to make their own robot while he's being mended. Then when Nan has to go into hospital (to get mended as well), Harry knows exactly what to do to help her get better! We cried while reading this one... because granny has a bad cough and needs to go to the hospital. But Harry found the way to make her better - he started making robots to blast her cough. My son announced that he will also make a robot if someone from our family will get sick.

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The Heart and the Bottle

Some people say that we should not talk about death to our kids... I think the opposite. In my opinion by avoiding the topic you miss the opportunity to talk about how to deal with it. Some things in life cannot be avoided.

The story is about a girl whose life was filled with wonder at the world around her… Then one day something happened that made the girl take her heart and put it in a safe place. However, after that it seemed that the world was emptier than before. But would she know how to get her heart back?

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I Can Only Draw Worms

A hilarious and superbly silly book that will have your children in stitches and begging for more.

"This book is about worms. I can only draw worms".

You might think worms are boring - but you'd be wrong. These worms have INCREDIBLE adventures!

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