Master Fractions in 5 Days with Eric - online course

We are super proud to announce that our first online course is live on

This course brings you an unconventional approach to learning. Here classes are delivered by a school age teacher for school age children willing to learn and challenge themselves!

Why? Because kids learn more from their peers than from us Read more here

We follow Year 2 curriculum in England, find out what exactly your child will learn, so you can adapt it to your plans.

You will learn how to:

  • have fun while learning
  • recognise, find, name and write fractions of a shape, length, set of objects and a number.
  • write simple fractions, for example, 1/2 of 6 = 3 and more complicated ones like 1/2 of 76
  • recognise the equivalence of 2/4 and 1/2
  • use fraction knowledge in play
  • be a teacher yourself. No previous knowledge of the topic is required! We start from scratch.

If you are

  • Year 2 students
  • Lego fan
  • aged 6 to 8
  • new to fractions
  • someone who wants to know why fractions are important
  • or simply want to cement the basic understanding of fractions and you love a bit of fun and laugh JOIN US! You will not regret!

Oh, did we say that you will get a certificate to show to your school teachers and friends when you go back to school?

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