Maths Projects for Siblings

Hello amazing parents! You are here, YAY! It means that you, or your kids, have enjoyed to learn maths together.

Our half term adventure has come to an end but I have quite few more projects that I would like to share with you. Hopefully you will like them too!

Make it

Maths and Music

This project brings maths and music together. It will help your child to use their maths knowledge in creating something amazing like glass xylophone. This project is great for home learning and depending from which maths skills you pick, it is great for all ages. First choose the skill you want to practice. You can count in 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s or practice doubles by doubling the first amount. We were practicing counting in 50s and ascending order so our glasses start from 50ml. Younger kids can just count the scoops and put more each time.

Maths and Art

Practice or learn to count by 3s for kids / fun hands on learning - maths and art project. You probably have snap cubes/interlocking cubes/ unifix but the way I used them in this video tutorial is a bit different. When we count in 3s we count in patterns, so your painting should also show a pattern.

To make stamps: join the cubes to have 3 flat cubes at the bottom and make a little handle to hold them. I used poster paint, but any thick paint or ink should do the trick.

Why won't you use this trick to practice counting in 2s, 5s or go wild and join 10 cubes!! Your younger sibling can make pattrens.

Maths and Drawing

If you have just started learning about the money and your child is trying to distinguish between the coins, or maybe is more advanced and is looking for a different combinations to make the same amount, or even learning about ascending or descending order YOU WILL LOVE THIS PROJECT!

The Busy Basket


Here is my latest invention! "The Busy Basket" I have started it yesterday and the novelty works too well. I put in 5 bags with maths activities for both of my boys. Alex cannot read, but Eric is happy to guide the little brother. The idea is to have 5 activites, so they can open one bag a day Monday to Friday... but they liked it so much and have done them all! That gave me another idea. They can open one bag a day, do the challenge and then have free time to design their own project. Fingers crossed! Let me know how did you get on.


Play-dough is amazing for building muscules in your child's little fingers. I make play-doug myself, it only takes a few minutes, you don't need to cook it and it lasts months! Drop me a text if you need my recipe.

Your free pdf worksheet is here

Maths and Fine Motor Skills


This activity will encourage your children to estimate the number of objects and check by counting. They will also build up muscules in their little fingers.


Make it

Day 1. Maths and Science

Maths and Science for kids is my first video from a series Math Projects for siblings. This learning video for kids shows how to make a lava lamp and gives you tips how to engage different ages in a learning process.

My kids are 2 and 7 - big age gap but this project helped them to explore learning together and have lots of fun! Having a toddler around is sometimes distracting but use everything what he does as a new approach to the experiment.

If you are interested in buying measuring jugs or vessels check the bargains that I found on amazon

Day 2. Maths and PE

This video should give you an idea of an activity, but is is up to you how you will use it. Don't be shy and share what did you come up with.

Day 3. Maths and Fine Motor Skills

This activity is great if your kids do not put small objects in their mouths anymore. If they still do, swap the metal nuts for threading beads. As an extension of this activity I gave my boys bolts, and the fun continued. I have to say that they have spent more time screwing the nuts than counting... but it kept them busy, and I had a cup of tea, so unfortunately no pics from that part :D

PS. Remember, you don't have to copy the maths that I have picked. Choose the goals that your kids need to practice. Write them on address lables and attach to the pipe cleaners assigned to each child.

Day 4. Maths and Baking

Today we have tried baking. I am sharing with you a simple recipe for berries crumble that I'm sure your children will enjoy.

As an extra, for older kids I have prepared "Crack the code" problem solving activity to reveal the recipe for crumble.

My kids loved this project, will yours love it too?

Day 5. Exploring Maths

day 5

For the last project from this series I have picked "Exploring Maths Together". This project is fast to set up and hopefully will occupy your kids for a long time. I put Numicon, bottle tops with numbers, magnetic numbers, heap of pom poms, tweezers and kitchen tongs on a black tray. The only thing I told my kids was have fun exploring maths and call me when you discover something amazing. It's hard to believe but it worked! Of course my 2 year old climbed the tray to have easier access to resources, and they had few arguments over who need what...but overall was amazing!

If you like Numicon, but still don't have it check this set on amazon check this set on amazon

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