Design your own "Under the Sea" tuff tray

My kids have played with the sea tray for 2 days now, so we decided to tidy up, but the minute we put all the resources away they thought that maybe we can do something else with it... I am pretty sure that I was only an excuse not to sweep the sand... Anyway I put some biogel balls and water in it and Ta Dah! The tray was interesting again.

PXL 20210212 144122855 PORTRAIT

Next, my kids started going through the box with sea related resources to "only take what they need" and I watched the magic. To be absolutely honest I was scare like **** but it was OK. They were focused and busy so I went to get a cup of tea. That is why there is no photos of that part :D

PXL 20210213 082843521

We also left the tray outside overnight to make the frozen sea. Obviously it only works during the winter, but keep it in mind.

PXL 20210215 080704297

Next I gave them some tools, and a jar of salt to melt the ice. They had so much fun experimenting with what melts the ice faster.

PXL 20210215 080531976

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