The Pirates are coming!

The Pirates are coming

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This tray leaves lots of room for your child's imagination. The main sensory bits are: Edible Sand - polenta and cous cous (left over from a previous tray) Water - two different shades of blue sand. Real stones

Add lego people so your kids can make their own pirates.

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I included the submarine to encourage exploring the bottom of the sea where I hid microscopic shapes (printed on a blue paper). Your kids might want a magnifying glass to check what they are.

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If you are working on improving your kids writing skills include bottles with pieces of paper to write the rescue messages, or maybe design a map to hidden treasure.

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To practice 1:1 correspondence, one more and one less, number recognition and understanding numbers I put clear cubes with numbers on them to store the treasure.

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Here are some themed books that you could display to extend learning.

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