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Building with bricks

This was my tray number 1 which next day developed into "Exploring building materials".

PXL 20210301 124222173

PXL 20210301 132250242

PXL 20210301 124151753 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210301 125212570 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210301 124344537

Making road signs.

Exploring building materials

PXL 20210302 095844162

PXL 20210302 095714837 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210302 095723403 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210302 095742615 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210302 095803904 PORTRAIT

I also added a shop to add understanding money opportunities.

PXL 20210302 095705297

Sensory City

PXL 20210303 072635475

PXL 20210303 072707395 PORTRAIT

We painted the stones from our garden.

PXL 20210303 072717158 PORTRAIT

Who would have thought that I have so many buttons!!

chickpeas diggers

These are dyed chickpeas.

PXL 20210303 072746893

When my kids were non interested in diggers any more, they took their slippers off and walk on it!

How things work?

PXL 20210308 122907316 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210308 122838288

My kids are obsessed with making,creating and rebuilding everything! That is why I dumped marble run and gears on one tray. Hours of fun!

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