Easter Tuff Tray Ideas

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

right after Christmas. :D

Here is my super fast and easy to prepare Easter tray. Join it with a book "We're going on a egg hunt"

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Here are some stuff you might need:

I used straw - left over from a christmas hamper. Eggs - 2 different sizes and colours. 2 different size baskets

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Learning opportunities:

  • sorting sizes and colours
  • making patterns
  • building arrays
  • strenthening fine motor skills
  • counting eggs in the baskets
  • older kids can prepare a chart/diagram to present their data. Click here for instructions

PXL 20210316 152210893

I also included extra fine motor skills activity. It can initiate the conversation about baby animals. How are they called? Do they look different than adults? You can download free matching cards from twinkl here

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