Minibeasts: Sensory Small World Tuff Tray

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Make it

Recognising and creating patterns

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Discovering Doubles with a mirror

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Spotting minibeasts

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Download free minibeasts description cards to learn more about minibeasts

For older kids you can cut the cards and give them only the part with a description. Eg. "I have no legs and am wiggly".

5 little speckled frogs

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Why not to join it with singing? Younger kids would love counting and helping the frogs to jump in the pond.

Balancing rocks

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I love this activity. Balancing or stacking stones is great for all ages because the older kids tend to be more daring.

Catching the bugs

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This activity I added a day after to keep it interesting.

Number Recognition and Counting

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It's another 'Day 2' addition to a tray.

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