Dinosaurs Water Tuff Tray

My nearly 3 year old Alex loves dinosaurs and water play so this tray was a great hit.

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You can include dinosaurs name cards with picture from twinkl. Here is a quick link to a free download

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We used an electric water pump to create a waterfall. The dinosaurs had a bath there.

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I put some real bones (chicken bones - cooked, scrubbed and washed) to show that carnivores have been here. It sparkled the conversation about what dinosaurs eat.

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Alex is learning to recognise numbers so I included some metal numbers.

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Next day we added tape measure to check how tall the dinosaurs were.

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My older son has been learning about the first houses made by people and made this super house, which my younger kids thought it is a superb house for a dinosaur. This has started the "let's build houses for dinosaurs" project. My kids worked together to measure dinosaurs to know how big the houses have to be. They had lots of fun.

I have displayed dinosaur books on their bookshelf to extend the learning.

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