6 inspiring mathematical toys that will grow with your child

I have gathered some amazing toys that will help your 3 to 9 year old to have fun while learning.

Toys that will continue to challenge your child over the years. Good educational toy smuggles learning. Children play with them and do not even know that they are learning. I have a few toys for you that your child will love. Let them explore them, experiment and then show what else we can. For that I prepared some videos and pictures to give you some ideas. This amazing selection will also help to tackle homework!

1. Geomag

There is absolutely no better resource to:

  • practice building 2D and 3D shapes;
  • understand differences between 2D and 3D shapes;
  • understand properties of 2D and 3D shapes;
  • turning 3D shapes into 2D shapes;
  • and strengthen fine motor skills.

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2. Snap cubes/ Interlocking cubes

Use them to:

  • facilitate subtraction and addition;
  • learn number bonds to 10 and 20;
  • measure things;
  • build arrays and visualise multiplication;
  • build patterns;
  • discover division and fair shares;
  • learn place value;
    • and strengthen fine motor skills.

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3. Numicon

Few ideas:

  • understand subtraction and addition;
  • practice counting in 10s;
  • learn number bonds to 10 and 20;
  • understand how the numbers grow and shrink - finding one more and one less;
  • learn place value;
  • doubling numbers;
  • counting and recognising numbers.

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4. Balancing Scale with Compare Bears

The scale on its own can be use to:

  • estimate and compare dry items or liquids;
  • find greater, smaller or equal items.

It has two removable 400 ml buckets, with marked measurement indicators, for more precise explore.

The three bear family comes in 3 sizes and 3 weights and can be used:

  • on the scale as they are proportionally weighted;
  • as counters;
  • to compare sizes;
  • to build patterns;
  • counting out a number of objects from a larger group;
  • to facilitate addition and subtraction.

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5. Measuring jugs and vessels

Who doesn't like to experiment with liquids? You don't need a water tray for that - use your roasting tray. My kids just love to play with water! For the little ones I recommend to put the whole set (and some pipettes -if you have them, or plastic vanish scoops) in a basket with bathtime toys. Endless fun!!!!

Use them to:

  • compare capacity;
  • learn about millilitres and litres;
  • compare sizes;
  • experiment with colours - you need food colouring for that;
  • and practice pouring skills.

Click on the picture to view it on amazon.

6. Relaxing time with Magnetic cube

My kids are addicted! I had to say that we even pulled it out few times at dinners parties. Everybody loves it!

According to the sellers it 'exercises your kids brain, improves spatial thinking ability and develops children's intelligence. Exercise your kid's creativity, imagination, and hands-on skills through magic magnetic cube'.

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