Recognising half and quarter as equal parts of an object, shape or quantity

Learning fractions at this stage has to be as much hands on as possible. Have fun cutting pages and chopping shapes.

Make it

Fractions are everywhere


Talk about fractions. Use the desired language of halves and quarters. Encourage your child to spot the fractions in daily life.

Start with fair shares


Start with sharing toys equally between 2 people. Use the rule: one for me and one for you.

Understanding Fractions


Take A4 paper and fold it in half with your child and cut it along the folding line. Write 1/2 on each half. Then cut each half in half, and write 14on each piece. Explain the process. Play with pieces of paper and count 3/4.

Are you ready for mind blowing video?

Use a whiteboard, draw a bar and chop it in any pieces you like. Colour some of them and record how many do you have. At the bottom you write how many pieces you have in total; at the top how many you coloured. Yes, it is that easy!!!

Have a go!

Get creative with play dough


Play with home made play-dough. Make a pizza/ cake, biscuit and cut it in half, and then in half again and you have quarters.

Buy it

Magnetic Fractions Set

fraction set

My kids love this set. It will help your child to see the fractions and experiment with them. It comes with a bar and pie model!

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Wooden pizza

If your child doesn't like play-dough or you don't like the mess it creates... Buy wooden pizza, but check your toy baskets first, because you might already have it.

Click on the picture to view it on amazon.

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