Maths Goals

Did you know that one of the synonyms of the word ‘understand’ is to ‘figure out’? This is exactly what we will help you to do. We will figure out some maths!

When you go to the desired year group, you will find a short article about learning maths at that stage and a very useful maths curriculum table divided into step one and step two.

To achieve “STEP 1” goals, your child needs to memorise a lot of numbers, but I will help you to get the concept behind them and understand them. I will assist you in using concrete manipulatives to help your children, not only to solve current mathematical tasks, but also to build visual images that help to create mental maths skills. For example, there is no point asking your child to learn the multiplication x2 if he/she doesn’t know doubles, or understand the multiplication when they don’t know how to build arrays.

The magic happens when you click on a goal that you want to practice. It will explain to you the skill and give you a bunch of ideas that you can use at home. It will also guide you to the right resources, which will make your life easier.

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