Numicon Tuff Tray

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Match the shapes

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Step 1: Trace the Numicon shapes with a chalk pen (not a normal chalk as it wips off too easily)

Step 2: Empty your bag with Numicon and add numbers.

Step 3. You can add a die with numbers up to 10.

Step 4. Your child's task would be to roll a die and match the number shown to a Numicon shape. Next find the correct shape drawn on a board and place Numicon shape on top and the number under.

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PXL 20210301 095416621 PORTRAIT

Extention number 1

Count the circles and put corresponding number of reads on top.

PXL 20210225 150641268 PORTRAIT

Next Place the desired Numicon shape.

PXL 20210225 150807847 PORTRAIT

You can also put counters on the circles.

PXL 20210225 150906178 PORTRAIT

Use a balancing scale to compare the numbers

PXL 20210225 151225970

Numicon and a Domino Set

Add your Domino set to find possible number bonds that can make each number.

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