Building and Describing Properties of 2D and 3D shapes

Make it

3D shapes

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I seriously took 2 minutes to prepare. I have just dumped a magnet basket on a tray and popped 3D cards.

Here is a quick link to free 3D shapes word cards from Twinkl

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Learn more about the properties of 3 D shapes here

2D shapes


2D shapes have

  • VERTICES = angles = corners

The Challenge: Build and Name the Polygon


Polygon - a shape that has the same number of corners and sides. Also known as a zigzag line that is closed.

You can use any materials you have at home to build it. I used playdough and cut up straws, but toothpicks and playdough or small marshmallows work as good.

Your printable pdf is here

Geomag Fun


Geomag is great! You can use metal balls for vertices and magnetic sticks for sides. Look at the shape first and count how many vertices and sides will you need to build them. Use desired mathematical language.

Click here to view it on amazon

Magnetic Tiles

magnetic shapes

These are really lovely to explore the properties of the shapes as they are ready to use. You can also join them to build 3D shapes.

Click here to view them on amazon

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