5 Survival Tips for Homeschooling Parents

Becoming a parent has a huge impact on our brain. I think we can all agree, that we are not the same people as before... I am just wondering what impact on our brain will have homeschooling and self-isolation?

Parenting is a work in progress, and there is no such thing as "super mum" or "super dad". We all make and will make mistakes. Coronavirus has put us in an extraordinary situation, but let's try to use this time with our kids as best as we can. Here are my few ideas on how to homeschool your children and stay sane.

1. Create a routine

Have a morning briefing with your child/children to explain the plan for the day. Use a whiteboard or a sheet of paper that you will stick to the wall. Have a pattern: learning, snack, learning, play, lunch, story, learning, free time, “What Went Well” meeting before or after dinner. Adjust it to your family needs. Don't plan their "free time" - don’t be afraid that they will be bored. Just leave them for the imagination to kick off. This will encourage them to make own choices.

Set some learning outside time. Gardens are amazing - if you have one. If not, try to go up the road for a quick walk (or use binoculars and look out the window).

To make it fun, you can:

  • spot the drains and cable covers on pavements (take pictures and use google to investigate them);
  • play "Don't step on a crack" game;
  • count cars, people, trees and look for patterns or symmetric shapes.

2. Give them toys that facilitate learning

you probably have some of them already! if not check this post for ideas

3. Balance online learning with fun and hands projects

There are lots of educational games on the market. Start with the ones recommended by your school. There are probably one of the best and you will not have to pay for a subscription. I can help you with maths goals(for Reception and Year 2) through parenTutor Maths Goals (it’s 100% free)

4. Practice growth mindset

check these ready to use phrases more on growth mindset

5. Mindfulness exercises

by Mindful Kids - these ready cards will come handy when you or your kids will start "losing it" :) click here to view them on amazon.

Stay safe

and if you have any other ideas how to make the most out of this time and don't go crazy..let me know!

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