Beginning to do some simple measuring

At this point they don’t have to do the measuring perfectly. The most important is to get the idea behind it. You can either use formal (rulers, measuring tape, measuring jug etc.) or informal (socks, stones, cubes) units in measurements.

Make it

Give your child something to measure the world around them

Try show them how to use it and watch them experimenting. I like to put measuring tapes in a construction area in my classroom and watch the kids measuring how big is their build.
Keep a measuring tape in your bag. Take it out when your are out for a walk and feed your child curiosity by checking how big/or long are things around us. Don’t give your child a diy measuring tape without your supervision, as they can cut their little fingers. Use sewing measuring tape instead. Oh, I always bring a tape back from ikea. It is a pity to dump it after use.

How many socks long are your toys?

playdough snake

The challenge: find 3 different size toys and measure them. Which one is the longest? What's the difference in socks?

Make playdough snakes

playdough snake

To measure them use either standard measuring tools or not (cubes,sticks, teaspoons).

Measure liquids

Water tray experiments

Use your roasting tray, put few small containers, pipettes, plastic jugs and cylinders. I always use food colouring to make it more interesting. Experiment with your child, ask how many squares/scoops/cup can we fit in this container. Have fun.

Buy it

How long is this worm?

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Interlocking cubes

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Fun in the lab!

Test tubes

This set is amazing to start your little lab. I don't recommend to buy coloured test tubes, because it is better to use food colouring in the water. Your child will have way more fun mixing liquids and colours when they can see them well. I have few coloured (that I thought are very cute) but non of my kids like them...

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Measuring jugs and cylinders

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Mesuring cylinders

I like this set of 4, because it has the numbers written in blue, so it is easier to read them and... it is sooooo cheap!!!

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Just pipettes

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Water colouring

If you are afraid that the food colouring will stain your child's fingers, use water colouring tablets. They are design for bath time so will not colour your child.

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