Recognising coins and values combinations to total 10p

Don’t be afraid of the money. At this stage they just need to be able to add (up to 10) and recognise one digit coins. Join this goal with practicing number bonds to 10. Please also check "Giving change from 10p" goal.

Make it

Start with learning number bonds using fingers

Find different coins combinations to make 10p

how to make 10p

This activity is great to understand the value of number 10. It extends the understanding of putting together coins to make a desired number.

Count Your Treasure

Lego people with coins

Give your lego people coins and check who has the most.

Role Play or Small World


I like to initiate maths activity with a good picture book. There is a lot of them on amarket and you might already have one, if you don't I love this one "Supermarket Zoo". read it with your child first and create a shop. Make price tags and use real coins to pay. Have fun!

Draw the coins

The video shows different coins combination, for Reception you should only use coins up to 10p.

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