Give change from 10p

I like to join this goal with learning number bonds to 10. The sooner they learn them, the easier future work will be. Of course they don’t have to at this point to know them by heart. They can just use their fingers to find out the answer.

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Number Bonds to 10 Using Fingers

Say “Number bonds to 10 (show 10 fingers); 5(show 5 fingers only); ask your child how many more fingers we need to add to have 10 again? Answer “5”

Play cards

play cards

Use Counters


Hanger with 10 pegs

Clip 10 pegs to a wired thin clothes hanger (I use the one from dry cleaners). Move the pegs along to make diffrent number bonds.


When your child is ready swap the playcards, counters and pegs and try the same principle but using coins. Make some price tags for toys and send your child shopping with 10p.

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Monkey Maths

Hang 10 bananas on one arm, next pick a different number of bananas and hang it on the other arm. Check if they balance/ are the same. They will not be so encourage your child to find the number that you can join it with to make the equal. Record your findings. Continue with all the other combinations until you find all the number bonds to 10.

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Click on a picture to view in on amazon.

Click on the picture to view it on amazon.


I am a big fan of Numicon. It is absolutely the best at building visuals in our heads. Simply put a 10 numicon shape on a table (say "number bonds to 10") , and place on top any numicon shape smaller or equal than 10(and say the number). You will quickly see the answer.

Look how easy it is to use it!

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Interlocking cubes

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