Comparing lengths and quantities

Comparing quantities

Use words such as ‘greater’, ‘smaller’, ‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’.

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Compare the toys


Use your child’s toys, cars, trains, dolls, teddies - compare the sizes, weight and quantity.

Fun with balancing scale

diy balancing scale

Make your own balancing scale, it is that easy! Use big yogurt containers - if you don't have halloween buckets that you trip over constantly.Let your child experiment with what is lighter and what is heavier. Use anything you can find and can fit in your bucket. Challenge your child to put the same amounts of different items, for example 5 stones and 5 leaves.

The challenge: Using balancing scale, can you order 3 objects from the lightest to the heaviest?

Cooking in a play kitchen

play kitchen

Put coloured rice, conkers, different size bowls, scoops in a play kitchen. Make daddy’s, mummy’s and baby’s food portions.

Colour sorting and checking which group is the biggest

colour sorting

Start with colour sorting the magnets. Next, compare the quantities. You can also introduce a tally chart to record the answer. You can also group the magnets according to their size. Have fun and explore the possibilities.

Mud kitchen fun

balancing scale

Compare quantities of your magic mixture.

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Small balancing scale

Very often I use this balancing scale because it also holds liquids and has lids. The Challenge: Check what is lighter 6 gemstones or 6 insects?

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Comparing bears

I like these ones because they come in 3 sizes and 3 weights, so you can even pop them on a scale.

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Scale and Bears set

Or look at this new set! Tick and tick!

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Putting two or three items in order, according to their length

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Compare cars

putting items in order

Put 3 different lengths cars. You can also use different sizes of crayons, pencils etc.

Mix different wooden blocks

putting items in order

Make a pile of wooden blocks and compare the sizes. You can arragge them on the floor in pattrens or pictures.

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Measuring worms

These little guys are so much fun! you can put them in a sand tray filled with some earth, rice or sand. I even used once jellybaff!

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Interlocking cubes

You have them already, right? If not click on a picture to view them on amazon.

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