Counting out a number of objects from a larger group

Make it

Colourful pasta

Coloured pasta

Count dried coloured pasta from a tray. Ask "we need 5 pieces in this bowl for teddy please."

Nuts and bolts

nuts and bolts

Thread the correct amount of screws onto pipe cleaners.

Water beads and numicon

roasting tray with beads

Count the desired amount of water beads to fill numicon shapes. You can also use marbles. Use your roasting tray to keep them all in one place.

Check this set on amazon It is great because it comes with a set of 2 tweezers and 2 scoops, to help fine motor skills.



Go shopping and ask your child to get three bottles of juice.

Pom poms and numicon

Water tray

Put pom poms on a tray, some numbers, tweezers and watch your child trying to figure out how many pom poms can fit in this numicon shape. "Should I pick the same colours?" If you don’t have a water tray, use your roasting tray.

Turn it into a game and try this:

Shop for screws and bolts

shop for screws and bolts

“We need 5 of these and 6 of those”, “How many of these small one do you think we need?”

Winter construction site

fake snow

Make some fake snow, put glass nuggets and little diggers. Ask for deliveries. “We need 6 “ice cubes” for building this wall?”

Using toys

dolls tea

Buy it

Acrylic gemstones

Add die and tweezers. So simple and so cool. Who doesn’t like to count treasure?

Click on the picture to view it on amazon.

Fruit Avalanche

It is amazing, and it comes with a set of 2 tweezers and you have all those lovely fruit counters! If the avalanche idea is too difficult put all the fruit counters on a carpet.

Click on the picture to view it on amazon.

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