Finding one more or one less than any number from 1 to 20

Make it

Build a number line

whiteboard with numbers

Start with building the skill by understanding how the numbers grow or shrink. Use magnets or counters above the numbers.

Draw a number line GAME

outside number line

Go outside and use chalk to draw a number line to 20 (you can also use a big roll of paper and do it at home). Use 2 dice, one with numbers and second with + and -. Roll a die to see from which number you should start, then roll a second die to see if you need to go one more or one less. The person that gets to number 20 first, wins.

Fun with Duplo

00100lrPORTRAIT 00100 BURST20200417092645159 COVER

We joined it with building simple patterns. Use duplo people to climb the stairs and count along. Next, walk them downstairs and count back.

Buy it

Bus Stop Game

It is great to get the idea of adding and taking away.

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cubes one more

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