Finding the total number of items in two groups by counting them all.

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Estimating number of items

estimate number of items

Use any toys, pens, sticks, pine cones that you might have around you. If you are outdoors, use pine cones, leaves, sticks or stones.

Put the items in two groups. Ask your child to count items in each group. Next, join them, and count. If your child understands the concept you can introduce a number sentence, by simply recording the answers.

Counting in the Kitchen

estimate number of items

Try to use this skill in daily life. You can ask your child to count how many carrots did you buy. You got 2 bunches, but how many are in each bunch and how many do you have all together.

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Interlocking cubes

Using interlocking cubes will not only help your child to understand addition and subtraction but also will help to strengthen fine motor skills.

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Fruit counters

You might already have them - if you have the Avalanche game. Click here to view avalanche game on amazon If you don't, you can get a seperate pack of fruit counters. Click here to view fruit counters on amazon

I recommend to buy the game. It is cheaper and it comes with a set of two tweezers, and we do need those for fine motor skills!

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Spiderman game

This game is perfect f you have a superhero fan in the house. In addition to check who is the winner, and how many do we have together, it helps to develop fine motor skills. Plus the little Spiderman figures will come handy as counters so many times!

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