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The Sea

Here is the life of one tray that has started indoors but has been moved in the garden (I keep water play and messy play outside, even playdough, because I have a toddler):

Make it

1. The Pirates are coming


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2. 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive


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3. Use your imagination

sea imagination

I like to let the kids build their own tray, after you showed them what can be done.

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4. Water goes in

PXL 20210212 144122855 PORTRAIT

Remove the edible sand, put it in a bag and store for next time. Scoop most of the blue sand to keep but don't go crazy - leave some, don't hoover or kill yourself sweeping. Next: put biogel balls (you will get the best results if you make them overnight?) and add water. Add scoops and cups and everybody is happy again.

5. Can you freeze it?

PXL 20210215 080704297

PXL 20210215 080513364

It was winter when we had done ours, so we kept it outside, without cleaning (just removed the toys) and it froze! I got some hammers, jar of salt and warm water and they loved exploring what melts the ice faster.

6. Space theme is coming!

space sand

If it's not winter - drain some water, and leave it outside to dry, save some biogel balls that are still in one piece. When your tray is dry the sand will look amazing and the biogel balls will be tiny. Your tray will look out of this world!

PXL 20210211 103831350

Get your space books out.

7. A bit of space maths

PXL 20210210 125638407

PXL 20210210 125708660 PORTRAIT

Sprinkle glitter all over the tray, bring back your saved biogel balls and put cups or containers with numbers on them. Now, your kids will be practicing: number recognition, 1:1 correspondence and fine motor skills! BINGO!

8. Space playdough

PXL 20210210 130218322 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210210 130229889 PORTRAIT

Put away your biogel balls and give your kids any playdough you have. They can roll in the glitter and make space playdough! Now, you can give them your playdough tools and grab a cup of tea.

9. Stars constellations

PXL 20210210 130002464 PORTRAIT

PXL 20210210 125956172 PORTRAIT

This is brilliant for older kids, they can learn about the constellations and try to recreate them on the playdough.

10. Jelly time

PXL 20210224 130939265 PORTRAIT

Move the playdough but don't bother cleaning the tray from the sand, glitter and tiny biogel balls. Make jelly baff with your kids. Give them whisks and spoons, they will enjoy it. When the jelly is done, put whatever shiny kitchen utensils you have, plus some pots and bowls.

PXL 20210224 130939265 PORTRAIT

Look at your amazing effect!!! Well done!

I'm afraid that you will need to clear up all that jelly when they get bored. It is actually not that difficult once you add the dissolving powder from your pack. It will turn into water.

P.S. The jelly gets really slippery once on a hard floor, so please be careful. Outdoor use is the best.

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