About Step 1 and Step 2

I chopped the Maths Curriculum into 'Step 1' and 'Step 2'. To achieve 'Step 1' your child needs to memorise a lot of numbers, but I will help you to get the concept behind them and use visuals to understand them better. I will show you how to use concrete manipulatives to support your children, not only to solve current mathematical task, but also to build visual images, that help to create mental maths skills. In my opinion children are just like us, we like to understand and see the purpose in things, instead of simply accepting or memorising them. This system simply helps you to know and what to focus on first. For example, there is no point asking your child to tell you what is one more then 16 if they are still not confident with counting to 20.

The most important part is when you click on a goal that you want to practice. It will explain to you the skill and give you a bunch of ideas that you can use at home. It will also guide you to the right resources, which will make your life easier.

The ideas are divided into

  • Make it 👉 it has all the activities, or tools that you can make yourself.
  • Buy it 👉 you will find links to buy the fancy resources that I used - if you feel like you really need them.

I use an affiliate program so each time you buy a resource following my links you support my work.

We value your feedback and input, please leave us a comment and upload pictures of your kids figuring out some maths!

Thank you!

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