Recognising, finding, naming and writing fractions of a shape, length, set of objects or quantity.

The main goal is to understand fractions as 'pieces out of whole'.

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Understanding Fractions


Take A4 paper and fold it in half with your child and cut it along the folding line. Write 1/2 on each half. Then cut each half in half, and write 14on each piece. Explain the process. Play with pieces of paper and count 3/4.

Recognising, Finding, Naming and Writing a Fraction of a Length

Use a whiteboard, draw a bar and chop it in any pieces you like. Colour some of them and record how many do you have. At the bottom you write how many pieces you have in total; at the top how many you coloured.

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Game on!

Roll a fraction die. And ‘cut’ a circle or a bar accordingly.

fraction die

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Magnetic Fractions Set

fraction set

My kids love this set. It will help your child to see the fractions and experiment with them. It comes with a bar and pie model!

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Fractions snap cards

Make a selection from this pack as it also contains %.

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