Adding and subtracting two-digit number and ones

Adding and subtracting two-digit number and ones using concrete objects, pictorial representation and mentally.

Two-digit number and ones

Make it

Concrete manipulatives

adding and subtracting

Use whatever your child likes and is countable.

Look first for number bonds to 10 or doubles

join and add the bonds first

adding and subtracting

Mental calculations: ADDITION

Mental calculations: SUBTRACTION

15-3= Put number 15 (always bigger number in your head, small show using fingers) in your head, then show me 2 fingers. Well done, now it shows ‘-’ sign, which means take away/subtract, it means that we need to count backwards or forwards? Right, backwards. Ok, 15 in your head, let’s fold the two fingers as we count, look at the fingers 14, 13! Yes, where did we stop? 12! YAY

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