Finding different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money

It is quite challenging (at the start), yet important skill. But don’t worry I have a great activity to help your child get the idea.

Make it

Find Different Ways to Make 1 Pound


To set up you need: Abacus 5 min timer Various coins Small whiteboard Whiteboard pen Cup of coffee for yourself, and growth mindset phrases ready to use.

Explain to your child that 1pound is 100pence. Place 1 pound at the top of your board. Draw 3 columns under. The task is to find different ways to make a pound (100p). Use the abacus to help you to keep track of the coins that you place in a column. For example, your child found and placed 10p in a column- move 10 beads on abacus. How many more coins/ beads do we have to move?

Draw the coins

Label the coins that made £1.

Buy it

Money Snap Cards


Look at these! What a brilliant idea! You can use them to play pairs or snap.

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